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Flight Safety

  • The  company  has  implemented  an  integrated SMS to manage quality assurance and safety risk across multiple areas of company’s activities.
  • Company’s commitment to safety is expressed in Company’s Safety Policy.
  • Company’s Safety policy and Non-Punitive Policy are communicated to all company personnel.
  • Company  personnel  are  encouraged  to  report hazard and ‘safety hazard report collecting boxes’ and ‘Voluntary Reporting Form’ are kept in easily accessible company working places.
  • A separate phone number (mobile no. 980208003) and email address ( for reporting/collecting hazard is maintained by the Safety Dept. 
  • Collected   hazard   reports     are   analyzed   and mitigating   measures    are recommended    for identified hazard.
  • Safety Department monitors the implementation of recommended mitigating measures.
  • Safety Department also monitors the compliance of established policy and procedures.
  • Safety performance is monitored and measured to ensure achievement of company’s safety target.
  • Regular internal audits and checks are conducted to ensure effectiveness of company’s safety program.
  • All company personnel are provided with “safety awareness” training including voluntary reporting procedures.
  • Safety   training   and   awareness   program   are conducted regularly.