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Check in: We encourage our passengers to check in 1:30 hours before the actual flight time‚ the reason being in morning you may encounter long queue at the security screening station  as many flights are scheduled in morning since the weather at destination airport like Lukla and Jomsom tend to be clear during the morning hours . Our check in counter will close 30 minutes prior to schedule departure and Summit  Air reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any passenger‚ who turns up for check in after the counter has been closed.

Identification at check in :
Any passenger who travels on our flight  must produce the following document at check in counter

  • Valid travel document in form of passport/National Identity Card/TIMS Card
  • Your paid airline ticket or itinerary

Baggage Allowance:

  • Carry on Baggage: one piece not to exceed a maximum weight of 5 kg.
  • Check in Baggage: Up to maximum two pieces‚ combined weight should not exceed more than 10 Kg

Excess Baggage:

We charge following excess baggage fee for any accepted baggage at check in that exceed the maximum baggage allowance allocated at USD one dollar per KG.


Important Notice:

Accepting Excess baggage does not ensure that the baggage will fly in your flight due to weight restrictions; the baggage will be transported in the next available  flight subject to availability of weight.

Offloaded Baggage:
our Aim is to ensure accepted baggage travels with you but at times due to various factors like weather‚ passenger weight  may prevent us from meeting this objectives. In an event where we are compelled to offload the accepted baggage‚ we will make an effort to forward your baggage in next available flight subject to availability of weight.

Flight Disruptions:
We try our utmost best not to cause you any inconvenience due to flight disruptions but all the flights to small airfields are VFR flights and at times due to weather the airports are closed in such case we prioritize the safety of our passenger‚ crew  and aircraft by making sure the suitable weather condition permits safe fight operations