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Information to be provided to the passengers before booking the ticket:

  1. Mandatorily wearing of protective/surgical mask all the time. Any person who is not wearing mask shall not be allowed to enter the airport.
  2. Passengers shall not be accepted for flight with COVID-19 symptoms such as fever‚ fatigue‚ dry cough‚ runny nose‚ breathing difficulties‚ sore throat‚ diarrhea nasal congestion and aches/pains.
  3. In-flight service such as catering‚ onboard newspaper and magazine etc. will not be available.
  4. Meeting and greeting (handshakes and hugs) at airport will not be permitted.
  5. Passengers should bring their own personal belonging like pen‚ sanitizing towel etc. and carry adequate number of face mask.
  6. The passengers with old age (above 70 years)‚ pregnancy and serious medical problems are advised to avoid air travel subject to health condition.
  7. Passengers are required to report 90 minutes before departure time.
  8. Hand carry baggage will not be allowed in aircraft cabin (however small sized hand bags like ladies purse‚ kept with the passenger may be allowed).
  9. Passenger should follow the health instructions issued by airport operator and airlines while in airport and in flight accordingly. Any disobedience of such instructions will be treated as unruly behavior and this may subject to legal action.
  10. Airlines shall not be liable and responsible in case if COVID-19 is communicated to any passenger by other infected persons.
  11. Ground handling staff at the check-in counter shall require passengers to fill up required form. Passenger should complete the;
    • Passenger COVID-19 status card form to Airline-as required by CAAN.
    • Passenger locater card-as required by CAAN