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Snow Yak Project
The Snow Yak Foundation is a non-profit organisation initiated with the objective to increase access to quality education in remote parts of Nepal. The Snow Yak foundation has been established to continue this great work and take it to a larger scale formally. The Snow Yak Foundation is founded by Binod Shahi Nepa (the sir of Himalayas) and a group of young people to promote and increase access of quality education in remote districts of Nepal. Binod Shahi Nepa along with other volunteers goes to the remote district of Dolpa every year to teach the children there and make quality education service available for them. Popularly known as the "Dolpa project" a solely Nepali funded school has already been established in the district. They also arrange for books and school supplies to be sent to their schools as well as fund for travel and expenses of volunteer teachers that have moved to Dolpo to teach. Every year the organization recruits volunteers including Binod himself‚ who make a 10 day journey from Kathmandu to Upper Dolpo . They remain in Dolpo for six months to teach children that ordinally would not have access to an organized education or curriculum. Binod success fully established a school in Komashgaon and hopes to open more schools.

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