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  • The L410 UVP-E20 aircraft meets the FAR 23,Amendment 34 requirements and been accepted by EASA for all EASA countriies.
  • Salient Features of Aircraft
    • 18 Pax
    • MTOW 6600
    • Engine: GE H80-200 (800 SHP)
    • Propeller: AVIA AV-725
    • Weather Radar RDR 2000
    • Flight Data Recorder FA 2200
    • Cockpit Voice Recorder FA2100
    • Auto Pilot KFC325
    • TCAS II CAS67A(Traffic Collision Avoidance system)
    • Quick Conversion from Pax to Cargo
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Continued Airworthiness

    Summit Air’s fleet of aircraft is being maintained by its own in-house CAA Nepal approved Aircraft Maintenance Organization (CAAN.145.009) in compliance with NCAR 145. The Engineering Department is well equipped with all the necessary manpower, materials, tools and facilities to carry out the maintenance on its aircraft. It also has a working contract with the OEMs and other operators to utilize their resources as and when required.

    The Scope of Work Schedule for both L410 UVP-E20 is approved by CAA Nepal. It covers both major and minor maintenance including line and base maintenance as per the aircraft maintenance manuals. All other maintenance works not covered by its scope of approval is contracted to outside parties which are approved under the NCAR Part 145 system.

    The Continued Airworthiness Management of Summit Air’s aircraft is carried out by an in- house Part M Subpart G organization in compliance with NCAR part M.

    The Quality System and associated Quality Assurance Program enables monitoring of Summit Air’s compliance with NCAR-145 and NCAR Part-M, the Operations Manual, Continuing Airworthiness Management and Maintenance Organization Exposition and any other standards specified by Summit Air or CAAN, to ensure it fulfils its prime consideration of maintaining safety at all times.

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